Lock Screen will improve the keylock feature greatly in S60 devices.This changes the dafult screensaver with a brighter & more informative screensaver.It works in virtually all S60 phones,from S60 3rd to the latest Symbian^3 OS.It’s full version & also unsigned.So before installing,please sign it with your own IMEI certificate.

I repacked it with a different & good looking battery style.Hope you’ll like it.


Currently it has the following features:
– Show the current time and date.
– Show the battery status.
– Show missed calls.
– Show unread messages and emails.
– Show bluetooth and WLAN indicators.
– Show GPS indicator.
– Show upcoming calendar entries.
– Disable blank screen in touch phones.
– Unlock the phone with touch swipe.
– AutoStart enabled.

Title:Lock Screen
Size:274.29 KB