CameraPro offers powerful access to N8 camera & video:11x near continuous digital zoom,raw jpeg stream,flash,whitebalance,exposure (compensation),brightness,contrast,saturation,sharpness,effects (negativ,…),virtual horizon,compass,anti-shake,time lapse,bracket(HDR),continuous autofocus,macro,manual ISO,presets,self timer,burst shooting,HD video (15,25,30 fps),expert video with custom frame sizes,bitrate,video/audio codec,frame rates.

[All phone] Please note that features have little variation due to different hardware used in various phone models.For instance not all phones have a compass sensor.

    – Quick access (one-tap) to all functions
    – Near Continuous Digital Zoom
    – Raw jpeg stream (raw data received from camera)
    – Various flash modes
    – Whitebalance
    – Exposure modes and compensation
    – Image Controls:Brightness,Contrast,Saturation,Sharpness
    – Effects: negative, sepia, black/white, natural, …
    – Shooting assistance: virtual horizon, compass, sparse & dense grids
    -Camera modes:anti-shake,time lapse, bracket (for HDR),self-timer,burst shooting
    – Macro modes
    – Manual ISO level
    – Presets (to store and load custom settings)
    – Background processing: pictures are stored in background (allows faster shooting)
    – Video mode with different frame rates (15, 25, 30)
    – Expert video mode to gain full access to video features of phone.

Additional Features:
[Nokia N8]

    – 11x Digital Zoom
    – Continous autofocus for photos and videos
    – HD video (full quality and 15,25,30 fps),
    – Video stabilization
    – Expert video mode to gain full access: custom frame sizes (up to HD), video/audio bitrates, video/audio codecs, frame rates (from 1 to 30fps).

* Unavailable at this moment.

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