On Friday,in North California,Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung Electronics.It seems suing the competition is the in thing to do.Apple’s latest law suit against Samsung,is for copying “the look and feel” of the iPhone & iPad.In particular Apple are targeting the Samsung Galaxy S 4G,which does look familiar,the Epic 4G,Nexus S & Galaxy Tablet.The claim is for intellectual property infringement & is phrased as:

Rather than innovate & develop its own technology & a unique Samsung style for its smart phone products & computer tablets, Samsung chose to copy Apple’s technology,user interface & innovative style in these infringing products.


What’s curious,is that Apple claimed Samsung chose to copy Apples “user interface”,they’re referring to “Android”,which is of course developed & owned by Google.Samsung have made edits to Android,which have made it more iPhone-esque.Ultimately is it another way for Apple to indirectly target Google’s platform?