Premium mobile anti-virus app for Symbian S60 smartphones.


    * High-speed scan
    * Reliable resident protection
    * Flexible configuration
    * Minimum system load
    * Low updating traffic
    * Flexible configuration
    * Easy management
    * User-friendly interface
    * Protection from unwanted incoming calls and SMS.


    * Anti-virus&anti-spam;
    * Real-time scan
    * Scan of files received over GPRS/ Infrared/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/USB- connection or while synchronizing with a PC
    * Two types of scan:full and custom
    * Toggling on/off memory card scan
    * On-demand scan of the entire file system or of separate files and folders
    * Scan of APK,ZIP,SIS,CAB,RAR,JAR archives
    * Black and white lists for numbers from which callls and short messages are received
    * Deletion of infected files
    * Moving suspicious files to the quarantine
    * Restoring files from the quarantine
    * Updating over the Internet:
    – Over HTTP by means of the embedded GPRS module;
    – Over Infrared/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/USB- connection;
    – Over an ActiveSync connection during synchronization with a PC.
    * Detailed scanning reports.

How to register unlimited license:

    * Install Dr.Web Anti-virus & execute it.
    * Choose “Option”->”Register”- >”From File”
    * Done!Now enjoy unlimited license.

Title:Dr.Web Anti-virus
Version:6.0.0Build 12220
Datecode:Feb 14,2011
Size:704 KB