Bubue Books is a geese books management app with the most convenient shelf, flip books a real effect, make your phone have not the same reading experience and raise the grade!

The most convenient shelf
– Book stored and organised on virtual shelves have become the best place. Try the next bubu goose unique bookshelf it!

The real effect of open book
– Have you tried to use your phone like a real book to read as e-book? Through the continuous efforts of developers bubu goose reading has its smooth scroll!

Management books ever
– Read goose management is feeling cloth was kind to the local library it? So what then, use only know!


Formats supported:
Currently supports only TXT-text format. Since still in beta it does not support the format as prc ebook, pdf etc as yet.

Change Log:
1. Fixed traditional decoding problem
2. Fixed Mr Model can not open question
3. Accelerate software start-up speed, in a seconds
4. The touch screen operation optimization, make more easy to click
5. Beautification book icon

Pay more attention to the UMD format support, will increase in the next version.

Title:Bubue Books
Size:225 KB


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