Huuked is a free and simple mobile phone application, which enables you to share your pictures, videos and other files with the friends you choose.

Share your mobile files:
With Huuked you can easily share files of any type straight from your mobile phone. The shared files will be available instantly online for your contacts to download them. Your friends can access the shared files by using the Huuked mobile application or this website.

Share files in their original size:
When you take pictures or videos with your phone and send them forward using a multimedia message (MMS), the quality of the files is significantly lower. The same happens with most online services such as Facebook. Huuked keeps the quality of your files same so that you can share photos and videos in their original size.

Connect with your friends:
Within Huuked you can connect with your friends and share mobile files in real time. When you add friends to your Huuked network you will be up to date of the latest files shared by them. You also have a possibility to comment on your friends. photos and videos.

Size:360 KB

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