TweakS is an application to configure the hidden parameters of your S60 phone. All presented settings in plugins are built-in settings of your phone but most of them aren’t described in documentation. Program does not affect on the device. It does not need to hang in the tray since all parameters are managed by the phone itself!

Any plug-in is a set of options which grouped by their meaning and purpose. After selecting the plugin, opens a list of available options.Note that when using the program will be accessible to only those parameters that are used in your system. If you do not have any settings specified in the description of the plugin – it means they are not present in your phone and plugin will not work. If you see fully empty list, then this plugin is not compatible with your phone.Selecting by pressing the joystick opens the dialogue of change specific settings, just running a menu item to change.

Available options:

    ● Setting Info – displays information about selected setting
    ● Input manually – allows you to enter a value manually in the text form or numeric values. (NOTE! Only for those who know what he does!)
    ● Reset to default – resets all selected setting to default value of the firmware, just in case when after changes something stoped work or you forgot what was in the original value
    ● Clear – resets the selected setting to an empty value (0 for characters, empty line for strings).

After selecting a desired plug-in the app will read the settings then opens a dialogue to change them. If necessary in OS will be amended and allow you to change previously locked settings. In this case the program will ask your permission to restart after that the installed plug-in will be fully functional.

Application Settings:
Application settings are set of parameters of the software that are associated with getting updates via the Internet:

● Access point – keep an assigned access point that will used to connect to network. If you click Cancel during selection, the app will ask you to select access point by each connection attempt.

● AutoUpdate – provides the status of the auto-update. If this option is enabled the program will connect to the server each time and notify you when the new version will be available if one is exists.

Change Log:
Fixed a dialogue with the checkmarks on the S^3 devices.

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