Install .deb file:
First of all, what is a .deb file?
-It is a package which contains everything you need to install an application (often coming from Cydia). The package is edited by hackers, they modify the code lines and then it becomes a cracked application.

There are several methods listed below which I read from some sites and unable to implement them , or may be anyone of you find those methods easier thats why I also explained those methods. I listed here the easiest two methods.

First Method: iFile
– A jailbroken iPhone,
– OpenSSH installed (search in Cydia)
– iFile (Install it free from this cydia source:

1. Start any SSH software you want (WinSCP, FileZilla, iFunBox, DiskAid etc.) on your PC and connect to your iDevice,

2. Copy the .deb file in var/ Mobile/ or any folder you prefer,

3. Open iFile and Install the .deb file just by clicking on it,

4. Respring or Reboot your iDevice.

Second Method: AutoInstallation
1. Connect to your iPhone with any SSH software,

2. Create the folder Cydia/ AutoInstall into var/root/ Media/,

3. Copy** the .deb into var/root/ Media/ Cydia/ AutoInstall,
** You can copy many .deb(s).

4. Reboot your iDevice.

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