Thank the deliver of the home of the browser Guest of gain of government of Europe roc browser releases Europe roc browser now 6.6 version. This version basically is the repair that makes to 6.5 edition place and newer, new version rehabilitate the font on the blank space problem on Android mobile phone and partial Android mobile phone shows ” buccal mouth mouth ” problem, optimized discharge statistic function.

Update a daily record:
– optimize big in of small character body
show, improve the indication result of the
– repair takes white issue on the right
side of webpage of certain and mobile site,
improve shrink put scale.
– the problem that surplus blankspace
exists between word of above paragraphs
of repair Android mobile phone.
– the font on mobile phone of repair part
Android shows for ” buccal mouth mouth ”
– the function that increases a hand to
move an examination to update.
– the function that increases to edit to
dial quickly alone.
– optimize discharge statistic function,
count is more exact.
– the installation that optimizes Android
mobile phone to go up and the process that
start, rate is rapidder.
– other Bug rehabilitate.

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Source: D@cunk

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