User Agent Faker 1.4-1 has been released with minor issue resolved. User Agent Faker deb 1.4-1 has fixed the issue where user agent would not be faked completely. User Agent Faker for iPhone is the best application which runs with all applications.

User Agent Faker v1.4.1 is a Tweak which works properly now, remember, is activated by setting the toggle on SBSettings and you need to think about which pages are not accessed by browsing through MobileSafari but through Firefox 3.0. This is to be able to load certain sites in their “standard” rather than for mobile devices. This new version also, when that turn on or off toggle, closes SafariMobile. If you do not want this to happen you just connect the phone via SSH, navigate to the folder: / var / mobile / Library / SBSettings / Toggles / UAFaker and modificarte file UAFaker.plist placing a 0 value of the parameter “KillSafari”. Changes and original deb for User Agent Faker 1.4-1 are given below.

Whats New:
– Fixes bug where user agent would not be faked completely.

Download [63 KB]

** Install a .deb file on your iOS

Source: BigBoss