Tweeties v1.70 S60v5 S^1 S^3 Belle Signed by DragonSight – Ret@il by Sagib

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Tweeties is a full-featured Twitter Client with: Simple and clean UI style Optimized keyboard Beautiful graphics Considerate drop down list Designed direct message UI. Continue reading


Gravity Icons Collection v2.50.7032 by MbahManten


It’s a patch for changing Gravity icons. Compatible with Gravity v2.50Build7032 only.

Oupeng Browser v6.6(29184) S60v3 S60v5 S^3 SymbianOS9.x UnSigned – EN by d@cunk

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Thank the deliver of the home of the browser Guest of gain of government of Europe roc browser releases Europe roc browser now 6.6 version. This version basically is the repair that makes to 6.5 edition place and newer, new version rehabilitate the font on the blank space problem on Android mobile phone and partial Android mobile phone shows ” buccal mouth mouth ” problem, optimized discharge statistic function.



Update a daily record:
– optimize big in of small character body
show, improve the indication result of the
– repair takes white issue on the right
side of webpage of certain and mobile site,
improve shrink put scale.
– the problem that surplus blankspace
exists between word of above paragraphs
of repair Android mobile phone.
– the font on mobile phone of repair part
Android shows for ” buccal mouth mouth ”
– the function that increases a hand to
move an examination to update.
– the function that increases to edit to
dial quickly alone.
– optimize discharge statistic function,
count is more exact.
– the installation that optimizes Android
mobile phone to go up and the process that
start, rate is rapidder.
– other Bug rehabilitate.

Download (1.02 MB)

Source: D@cunk

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MifManager v0.07(1) Python S60v3 S60v5 S^1 UnSigned by DimaTROFIK-EN by aan007bd


A python based program for working with .mif files.


1. Saving to .svg, .png (with a choice of resolution),
2. Packaging selected .svg icons in a .mif file,
3. Unpacking the mif file,
4. Changing icons,
5. Easy file manager with fast access to frequently used mif manager.

Change log:
1. Fixed some bugs,
2. New skin added,
3. Translated into English.

Title: MifManager by DimaTROFIK-EN by aan007bd Version: 0.07(1)
Filetype: .sis Status: UnSigned Platform: S60v3, S60v5, S^1 (Python)
Size: 151 KB


Alexander Fokin Quick Rotate v1.00(117) S60v5 S^3 Unsigned Retail by POPDA


Bothered with screen rotating with every phone turn? Disable automatic rotation and manage screen orientation yourself. quickRotate allows to rotate your screen at any moment simply with a click on the application icon!

How To Use:
1. Disable AutoRotate display
2. Add quickRotate shortcut on your Homescreen
3. Click the icon to select display orientation, Portrait or Landscape.

Title:Quick Rotate
Size:31 KB


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Opera Mini 4.3 HandlerUI200b4R2 J2me Modded {Dim Mod}

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Here is the Opera Mini 4.3 Handler UI 200b4 R2 which is modded to give you ability to store up to 50 web page history and with Dim Mod for better view in evening, night or low light conditions. These feature are tweaked by simple code adjustments.


The features in this modded Opera Mini 4.3:
– Dim Mode Interface
– Including Web Pages for eye protection.
– You can now Store Up to 50 Web Pages History.
– Page Cache Size is now doubled, no hassle loading back page.

Title:Opera Mini
Size:185 KB


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ET Slide Lock v1.20 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Unsigned EN Translated by Ayurvedic

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ET sliding lock is a splendid imitation of iPhone unlock software interface and operation! Gently with your finger to unlock the screen lock button on the slide!



    – In addition to the default wallpaper option, you can also use the current theme wallpaper and custom wallpaper;
    – Can be set to automatically lock time;
    – Adjustable lock / unlock the volume;
    – Can be customized settings lock / unlock sound.

Major Update:

    – Increase the slide to answer function;
    – Increase the unlock special effects;
    – Other details of the adjustment of repair.

Title:ET Slide Lock
Size:205 KB


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