Deck v0.0.9-1 iOS5.x

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The Deck Cydia Tweak which has already got fame before release is now at Cydia. Deck 0.0.9-1 is the Initial version of this Cydia Tweak with support for iOS 5 or higher.


Action Menu v1.2.7 iOS3.x 4.x 5.x

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Action Menu 1.2.7 is available for free now which has added more Localizations for best use. Action Menu deb 1.2.7 has also added the latest iOS 5.1 support so if you have upgraded to iOS5.1 then you have Action Menu on your iDevices.

User Agent Faker v1.4-1 iOS4.x 5.x

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User Agent Faker 1.4-1 has been released with minor issue resolved. User Agent Faker deb 1.4-1 has fixed the issue where user agent would not be faked completely. User Agent Faker for iPhone is the best application which runs with all applications.

FolderEnhancer v1.6.0.2-1 iOS4.x 5.x

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FolderEnhancer has been released with some minor bugs fixed. FolderEnhancer deb has fixed the WinterBoard issue fixed. Now FolderEnhancer v1.6.0.2-1 deb has option to prevent missing icon labels with latest version of WinterBoard.

Graviboard v2.0.1-1 iOS4.x 5.x

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Here is the another Cydia tweak with iOS 5 compatibility called Graviboard 2.0.1-1. Graviboard v2.0.1-1 has numerous fixes bugs and some improved performance. Graviboard is the best tweak for iPhone & iPad that has Multi- Touch support. Graviboard 2.0.1-1 brings gravity to your home screen. , with gravity function. With the help of Graviboard, your icons on homescreen will show Downfall & Up fall features. If you want to fling or drag the icons, Just using your finger to Fling articles. You can Tilt your iDevice to show Graviboard special features of icon’s. You have option to convert your gravity positive or negative.


– Tilt option to show icons revolving
– By Finger use this Tweak
– Gravity changing option.

What’s New:
– Fix some bugs.

Download [103 KB]

** Install a .deb file on your iOS

Source: BigBoss

Install a .deb file on your iOS


Install .deb file:
First of all, what is a .deb file?
-It is a package which contains everything you need to install an application (often coming from Cydia). The package is edited by hackers, they modify the code lines and then it becomes a cracked application.

There are several methods listed below which I read from some sites and unable to implement them , or may be anyone of you find those methods easier thats why I also explained those methods. I listed here the easiest two methods.

First Method: iFile
– A jailbroken iPhone,
– OpenSSH installed (search in Cydia)
– iFile (Install it free from this cydia source: http://repo.insanelyi.com/)

1. Start any SSH software you want (WinSCP, FileZilla, iFunBox, DiskAid etc.) on your PC and connect to your iDevice,

2. Copy the .deb file in var/ Mobile/ or any folder you prefer,

3. Open iFile and Install the .deb file just by clicking on it,

4. Respring or Reboot your iDevice.

Second Method: AutoInstallation
1. Connect to your iPhone with any SSH software,

2. Create the folder Cydia/ AutoInstall into var/root/ Media/,

3. Copy** the .deb into var/root/ Media/ Cydia/ AutoInstall,
** You can copy many .deb(s).

4. Reboot your iDevice.

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Zephyr v1.2.3-1 iOS5.x

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Zephyr 1.2.3-1 has been released with has the iOS 5.1 support now. Zephyr v1.2.3-1 is the latest and updated version which is developed by “Chpwn” who is a famous & well known developer. we inform you earlier, Zephyr also support the iPad 2 and iPad 1. Zephyr iOS 5.1 gives the facility to multitasking swipes for your device. You can also switch the different application by swiping left or right from the edge. If you want to see your multitasking switcher then Zephyr smoothly swipes this for you. Zephyr works as an extremely functional enhancement which is deeply rooted within the operating system. When installed, Zephyr brings additional swipe features allowing users to not only smoothly bring up the multitasking switcher bar, but to also seamlessly swipe between active applications.


Zephyr is the best jailbreak tweak for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch, we hope you enjoying this new application. The developer introduces it as his ‘new gesture’ tweak, but upon deeper inspection it seems that it is much more than that.

Zephyr 1.2.3-1 Features:
– Support for iOS5 fully
– Switch apps simply
– Best multitasking tweak
– Swipe up to see your multitasking switcher
-Jailbreak tweak

What’s New in Zephyr 1.2.3-1:
-Support For iOS 5.1

Download (35.48 KB)
Download depend package

Source: BigBoss

** Install a .deb file on your iOS

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